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Penguin-Viking India have just published my new book
Published on November 12, 2011 By PranayGupte In Books

I am please to report that my new book, "Dubai: The Making of a Megapolis," has just been published by Penguin-Viking (India). It's available on Amazon.Com, and will be hitting the bookstores soon. The book marks the 40th anniversary of the found of the United Arab Emirates, and is a broad sweeping history of the Gulf region, and Dubai's rise from a small fishing village to one of the world's great cities.

on Nov 12, 2011

sounds interesting... will keep a look out for it...    link

I read some time ago, that many of the imported workers in Dubai were brought there.... not paid, and have had their passports taken so they have no money or means to get home.....takes it fair bit of shine off the place... 

just found it....  link..

somewhat obscene to be spending the amount they do on these outlandish developments and not pay the workers...