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Isn't it a bit premature to annoint Saint Hillary?
Published on August 21, 2007 By PranayGupte In Politics
Hmmmm, let’s see. Maybe Professor Fish should now also start predicting the monsoons in South Asia. This is August 2007; the elections are in November 2008. Those who, like Professor Fish, gaze so deeply into the crystal ball run the risk of needing sun glasses after a while. Blinded by Hillary, is it? Let’s see: What about those sleazeball Indian entrepreneurs around her who “raise” money? What about those many trips taken to India by her spouse where, shall we say, Bollywood beauties, ahem, fall at his feet somewhat weak-kneed? Plenty of stuff can happen, to paraphrase the unlamented Don Rumsfeld. I, for one, think very highly of Senator Clinton. But don’t be too surprised if she’s embarrassed, if not totally derailed, by some of the good folks around her.
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